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Welcome to Student Wellness, a Harmony in Health project for students - offering practical, holistic content to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Next event: Joy and Connection on 23 Feb. Click for details!

Students under pressure


Students face many pressures and changes - many of which may affect their overall wellbeing.   Away from home, perhaps for the first time, making new friendships, and having to take responsibility for their own learning with lectures, essays and exams.   Sleep and diet are not often seen as a priority.  Technology, especially hours a day looking at a phone, can add to pressures.  In addition, the last few years with uncertainty and lack of contact with fellow students, professors and even family has made it very difficult.


Anxiety and depression have become more prevalent and there are concerns for students' mental health and overall wellbeing.


Talking therapies can help a great deal but NHS resources are stretched and waiting times for counselling or other support can be more than a term long. There are, fortunately, ways in which one can help oneself by understanding and experiencing how mental, physical and emotional states all affect each other.


Harmony in Health: a balanced approach


We introduce holistic ideas and practical material (online resources and events) to students: something that helps them deal with the demands of student life but also inspires an attitude of self-care and personal development which can stand them in good stead for their long-term wellbeing.


Students need:


  • Access to simple, practical things that can help bring balance to the whole system

  • Sound ideas to take responsibility for their own wellbeing

  • Easy to access professional support that doesn’t take up a lot of their time

  • Materials relevant to their daily lives, struggles and ambitions

  • Things that help them individually - not a one size fits all approach.


We are:


  • A multidisciplinary team of experts working together (see Our Harmony Team)

  • Bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science

  • Showing ways to bring the whole system back to balance, i.e. cultivating health rather than treating disease.


Benefits to students include:


  • Increase in overall wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional

  • Improved attention and focus

  • Improved posture - particularly when using phones and computers)

  • Increased self awareness and resilience - very relevant for coping with intense study and exam stress

  • Better connection to the world around them through a sensory connection with Nature



Online video resources coming soon.

Please enquire for tailored support-workshops

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